Yuki Kadono and Jamie Anderson Win 2020 Burton U·S·Open Slopestyle

Snowboarding just doesn’t get any better than today’s slopestyle finals at the 38th annual Burton U·S·Open Snowboarding Championships. Jamie Anderson (USA) earned her eighth Burton U·S·Open title and Yuki Kadono (JPN) repeated his 2015 victory for his second Burton U·S·Open title, each walking away with $45,000. The reimagined slopestyle competition venue provided a challenge and an opportunity for these riders to push their own progression and that of the sport of snowboarding—a trademark of the Burton U·S·Open. The best of three runs format combined with absolutely perfect sunny and calm conditions and a huge cheering crowd led to one of the most exciting adrenaline-filled finals in recent memory. 

In the men’s competition, Yuki Kadono landed two of the most exciting runs of the day with his second run earning the top score of 89.30. His winning run started off with a half Cab 50-50 noseslide pretzel out and a switch backside 270 on 270 out on the upper urban features, into an  alley-oop backside 1260 melon grab and a switch frontside 900 double cork mute grab on the two transition features, a frontside boardslide 810 melon grab on the high speed rails ending on a huge switch backside triple cork 1620 melon grab on the final kicker. This is the first time Kadono has landed this trick since his 2015 Burton U·S·Open win where he made history linking up back-to-back 1620s for the first time ever in competition. 

Rookie Burton U·S·Open competitor Dusty Henricksen (USA) took second place on his final run with a score of 84.70, and became an absolute crowd favorite riding in a t-shirt and stomping a backside 1800 quad cork mute grab on the final kicker, a trick that earned the highest trick score of the day, and one that he had never even attempted prior to today’s competition. Dusty says, “It was a super surreal feeling, nothing can beat that by a long shot.” 


Yuki Kadono on fire all day to clinch his second Burton U·S·Open Slopestyle title.

2019 Burton U·S·Open champion Redmond Gerard (USA) set the tone and the level for the competition on his first run earning a score of 84.40 for third place landing a switch backside 270 pullback on the urban rail section and ending with a switch backside 1440 triple cork mute grab. 

Gerard remarked on the positivity felt throughout the day that started off with an 8:00 am group ride in remembrance of Burton founder Jake Burton Carpenter who passed away this year and whose absence has been felt by all. Gerard says, “Everyone’s whole vibe this year had been having fun and remembering Jake because his number one thing was to have the best time and I think that’s why he created the Open. This year we’re doing a pretty good job of having fun.” 

In the women’s competition, Jamie Anderson came into today’s finals following four consecutive slopestyle wins including Aspen X Games, Mammoth Grand Prix, Winter Dew Tour, and now the 2020 Burton U·S·Open. The leaderboard remained fixed after the first round when Anderson earned the top score of the day with an 84.50 in a run that was undoubtably one of the most progressive women’s runs in history. 

Jamie said, “Coming into finals, I wanted to drop a hammer and do my best. My game plan was to just send it. I didn’t think it would work, but I was in my flow state, everything connected, and I just felt good.” Her winning run, which she had not landed previously in practice, started off with a backside lipslide followed by a tailslide 270 out on the upper urban features, into a backside 540 Indy grab and a switch backside 540 Indy grab on the two transition features. She followed with a frontside boardslide 450 out on the high-speed rails and finished with a switch frontside double cork 900 mute grab sent deep on the final kicker.  


Second place winner Anna Gasser always putting a premium on progression.

Anna Gasser (AUT) earned second place and a score of 81.00 in a run that included a massive double crippler over the transition feature—the first time that trick has ever been landed in a women’s slopestyle run—and a switch frontside 900 double cork mute grab off the final kicker.  Miyabi Onitsuka (JPN) took third place for the second consecutive year with a score of 76.65 landing back-to-back 720s on the two transition features. 

The Burton U·S·Open competition culminates tomorrow, Saturday, February 29th with the women’s and men’s halfpipe finals on Vail’s Golden Peak with defending champions Scotty James (AUS) and Maddie Mastro (USA), Ruki Tomita (JPN), Pat Burgener (SUI), Yuto Totsuka (JPN), Haruna Matsumoto (JPN), Xuetong Cai (CHN) and Danny Davis (USA) among others competing to earn the coveted Burton U·S·Open halfpipe title. 


Men’s Slopestyle Finals Results
1. Yuki Kadono (JPN), 89.30
2. Dusty Henricksen (USA), 84.70
3. Redmond Gerard (USA), 84.40
4. Darcy Sharpe (CAN), 83.85
5. Hiroaki Kunitake (JPN), 79.70
6. Torgeir Bergrem (NOR), 68.50
7. Staale Sandbech (NOR), 56.65
8. Sven Thorgren (SWE), 56.45
9. Judd Henkes (USA), 53.50
10. Sebbe De Buck (BEL), 39.15


Women’s Slopestyle Finals Results 
1. Jamie Anderson (USA), 84.50
2. Anna Gasser (AUT), 81.00
3. Miyabi Onitsuka (JPN), 76.65
4. Enni Rukajarvi (FIN), 69.30
5. Hailey Langland (USA), 65.95
6. Zoi Sadowski-Synnott (NZL), 55.45

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