2019 Trollhaugen, WI - Contest Recap

2018-2019 Burton Qualifiers Tour Stop 1: Wisconsin
The rope tow setup at Trollhaugen, Wisconsin, served as stop 1 of the 2018-2019 Burton Qualifiers seven-stop tour. This hill might be small, but it’s stacked with homegrown talent. There are stories of riders getting over 100 park laps an hour, so it’s no surprise that these kids rip. Give them a $30,000 prize purse to compete for and it’s guaranteed to be a spectacle.
On deck, this year was a solid mix of up-and-coming riders and local legends all lapping the hotline for a piece of Burton Qualifiers fame and fortune. The King of Troll himself, Burton team rider Ethan Deiss, was also there cheering on the riders and dialing in the setup. At the end of the session, cash was handed out to the top three in both the Open and 15 & Under divisions, while the top six in each division got an invite to the tour finals at Seven Springs, Pennsylvania.

15 & Under
1st: Liam Johnson
2nd: Carter Morgan
3rd: Jake Antisdel
4th: TJ Ackfeld
5th: Walker Netland
6th: Nick Stotz


1st: Garrett McKenzie
2nd: Keegan Tank
3rd: Blake Harris
4th: Kyle Kennedy
5th: Blake Lamb
6th: Sam Schiltgen

Honorable Mention                                                                   
Jamal Awadallah          

Women's Ripper                                                                       
Hannah Peterson

Music: https://minden.bandcamp.com