2019 Seven Springs, PA - Contest Recap

2018-2019 Burton Qualifiers Tour Finals: Pennsylvania
Finals for the Burton Qualifiers just saw a greatest hits list of hammers on the hotline at Pennsylvania’s Seven Springs Resort. Prime conditions had the tour’s best riders one-upping each other on every hit for a piece of the $10,000 prize purse. It was the most creative riding the Qualifiers has seen, and the crowd and afterparty was all-time. Pennsylvania knows how to party. Shout out to the park crew at Seven Springs for shaping up such a progressive and dialed setup.

 A big thank you to all the riders, resorts, and spectators, as well as tour sponsors Snowboarder Magazine and Anon.


15 & Under
1st: Drake Warner (2nd place at the Ontario stop)
2nd: Liam Johnson (Winner at the Wisconsin stop)
3rd: Shuzaburo Otsubo (Winner at the Japan stop)


1st: Keegan Hosefros (Winner at the California stop)
2nd: Garrett Mckenzie (Winner at the Wisconsin stop)
3rd: Drayden Gardner (2nd place at the California stop)