2019 Loon Mountain, NH - Contest Recap

2018-2019 Burton Qualifiers Tour Stop 2: New Hampshire

The “Live Free or Die” state served as stop 2 of the Burton Qualifiers tour as New Hamphire’s Loon Mountain dialed in the hotline for a huge turnout of up-and-coming east coast heavy hitters. You never know what the weather in New England will bring, but one thing that’s always certain is that the park builders at Loon are some of the best in the business.

This year’s event saw a mixed bag of conditions which made for soft and forgiving landings. The features Loon shaped up were on-point as always with a plaza style setup built around a “chasm of doom” gap that demanded commitment. In the end, the top three in both the Open and 15 & Under divisions walked away with cash, while the top six in each division got an invite to the tour finals at Seven Springs, Pennsylvania.

15 & Under
1st: Jacob Legault
2nd: Hans Huber
3rd: LJ Henriquez
4th: Seph Niquette
5th: Morris Gifford
6th: Lucas Ferry

1st: Austin Esposito
2nd: Storm Rowe
3rd: River Richer
4th: Alex Schoff
5th: Jed Sky

6th: William Vear