2019 Boreal, CA - Contest Recap

2018-2019 Burton Qualifiers Tour Stop 4: California

The Golden State was glowing for stop 4 of the Burton Qualifiers tour as California’s Boreal Mountain dialed in the hotline for a heavy turnout of the region’s top up-and-coming talent. A deep snowpack and warm, sunny conditions made for a heated session as the riders chased a piece of the tour’s 30,000 prize purse.

A pioneer in the park scene, Boreal’s history runs deep when it comes to shaping sick setups, and this year’s was no exception. Kinky steel in a variety of shapes and sizes pushed the competitors and crowd into a state of tricked out euphoria. In the end, the top three in both the Open and 15 & Under divisions walked away with cash, while the top six in each division got an invite to the tour finals at Seven Springs, Pennsylvania.

15 & Under
1st: George Cavers    
2nd: Brooklyn DePriest
3rd: Carson Klundt    
4th: Graydon Ross    
5th: Connor Cavers    
6th: Tanner Kuch    

1st: Keegan Hosefros
2nd: Drayden Gardner
3rd: Tony Ceccarelli    
4th: Derek Lemke    
5th: Matt Romanowitz

6th: Cole Sorensen