2018 Seven Springs,PA (FINALS) - Contest Recap

Seven Springs, Pennsylvania, was once again the battleground for the sixth and final stop of the Burton Qualifiers tour. To get here, North America’s top up-and-coming riders had to land in the top six at any of the previous five stops held at resorts across the US and Canada. At the Finals, it was all on the line, including a $10,000 prize purse, and the chance to rise above the ranks and get recognized.

The Seven Springs park staff is known throughout the snowboarding world for their skilled builds, and the Finals setup was no exception. Four Nor’easters in a row had hammered the region, giving the crew plenty of snow to shape a legit street setup. Bluebird skies, perfect slush, and a dedicated rope tow only added fuel to the fire.

The 15 & Under division kicked things off and from the start it was clear that defending tour champion and winner of the Brighton stop, Jack Coyne, was out for blood. Keep an eye on this kid cause he is the future. Cole Solner, who took 3rd at Trollhaugen, claimed 2nd, while the hammer hucker from Horseshoe Resort, Drake Warner, rounded out the grom field in 3rd.

Riders in the Open Division made quick work of the course, dropping a barrage of heaters on the cold hard steel. In the end, it was Brent Behm who traded up his 3rd at Horseshoe for the overall win. Dylan Okurowski, who is no stranger to the Qualifiers podium, having won this year’s Brighton stop as well as the 2016 Finals, landed in 2nd. Garrett McKenzie, winner of the Trollhaugen stop, slid into 3rd.

Perfect conditions, a creative setup, mellow vibes and an all-star line-up of the hungriest riders from across North America made for an amazing mix of style and progression. It was the grand finale of a tour filled with good times, and showcased the level of talent currently brewing in the up-and-coming ranks.

A big thank you to the tour sponsors: Burton, Snowboarder Magazine, Anon, and Bose.



15 & Under
1st: Jack Coyne  

2nd: Cole Solner  

3rd: Drake Warner   


1st: Brent Behm   

2nd: Dylan Okurowski   

3rd: Garrett McKenzie