2017 Burton U·S·Open Slopestyle Preview

Bust out your calculators, and prepare to have your mind blown, because year after year, the Burton US Open Slopestyle contest is where we learn just how far snowboarding has come. With quad corks popping up, and rotations pushing 1600 degrees, these riders are re-defining what’s humanly possible on a board. Throughout its history, the Burton US Open Slopestyle course has been regarded as one of the most progressive setups in the world. It’s designed to push the bar, challenge tradition, encourage creativity, and ultimately give the riders a platform to spread their wings. Get ready to witness snowboard progression in real-time.


Tune in, and hang on, because this is sure to be a wild ride. Keep your eyes out for daily updates on the competition and entertainment schedule, live webcast, and all that’s going on this week in Vail, Colorado.