Stoli is back for year three as the Official Vodka of the Burton U·S·Open Snowboarding Championships. As the original premium vodka with uncompromising quality since 1938, Stoli will serve a variety of cocktails in Burton souvenir cups at the general bars and at the Stoli Tent in the sponsor village at Golden Peak. Stop by to enjoy one, as well as daily prizes and giveaways. The first premium imported vodka to the U.S. in 1972, Stoli was among the only vodkas behind the bar when Jake Burton founded Burton Snowboards just five years later. Stoli Vodka combines ultra-modern distilling of the highest quality spirit with century old traditions, controlling every aspect of its vodka-making from the planting and harvesting to the distillation and bottling. Visit or follow @Stoli on Instagram, Facebook or Twitterto connect with us. Savor Stoli Responsibly. Imported by Stoli Group USA, New York, NY.