Did you know Paul Mitchell is the longest-standing sponsor of the US Open? We are stoked to continue our partnership with Burton and, once again, be a part of the sickest snowboard event of the year. You might be scratching your helmet hair thinking, “What does a haircare company have to do with a snowboard event?” Well, the connection is simple: Professional stylists and snowboarders are all about style, creativity and freedom of expression; they just work off different canvases. 

Channeling our Hawaiian heritage, Paul Mitchell will be at the Open bringing the beach to the snow. Hang out in our tiki-themed igloo, snag free samples of the latest & greatest in haircare and throw on some Hawaiian-themed gear to snap the ultimate selfie in our beach-scene photo booth and share the good vibes (and hair) with your social media family. It’s going to be one big party, so come along for the ride because remember- style isn’t born. It’s groomed.

Paul Mitchell