An event unlike anything else in snowboarding, the Burton U·S·Open Junior Jam presented by Clif Bar gives the world’s top halfpipe riders age 14-and-under the chance to compete for a coveted spot in the semi-finals. You know it’s a show when past Junior Jammers include Shaun White, Chloe Kim, and Ayumu Hirano. Simply put, it is a long list of pros who have gotten their start by competing in the legendary Junior Jam.

Each year, the Junior Jam kicks off the week of competition on Tuesday and it’s not one to miss. These kids can send it triple their height above the lip, performing technical tricks with style beyond their years. They might all be unknowns at the start of the event, but rest assured, you’ll have more than a few of their names seared in your brain by the end of the week. Beyond a trophy and worldwide recognition, the real prize they are chasing is the chance to compete alongside the pros in Thursday’s Burton U·S·Open Halfpipe Semi-Finals. History will be made and you don’t want to miss it.

2018 saw the bar raised yet again with Mitsuki Ono (JPN) and Jake Canter (USA) dominating the ever-growing international field. With $2,000 worth of prizes and a ticket to the big leagues up for grabs, make sure you don’t miss these prodigies going for it. Tune in to the live broadcast on on Tuesday, February 26 10am – 12:30pm MST, or check it out in person at Vail’s Golden Peak.


The Junior Jam is a halfpipe, invitation-only competition, with 18 boys and 9 girls aged 14 and under. Given the small field and the number of up and coming riders worldwide, the team at Burton can't invite every kid in the world. We work off regional results, current form, and recommendations from a select team of international coaches, team managers, and industry professionals to create the invite list. 



Brooklyn DePriest

Valentino Guseli

Kade Martin

Fynn Bullock-Womble

Hayden Tyler

Tommy Okesson

Noah Avalone

Alessandro Barbieri

Hunter Goulet

Anthony Leyva

Cam Melville

Jonas Hasler

Lys Fedorowyzc

Levko Fedorowyzc

Kyu Shimasaki

Haku Shimasaki

Copper Shonk


Riley Rivera

Sonara Alba

Brooke Dhondt

Barret Hendrix

Bea Kim

Kona Ettel

Alexandria Simsovits

Kailey Bogart

Siria Polteras


Boys > 18 Riders, 2 Runs, Best run counts

Girls > 9 Riders, 2 Runs, Best run counts