It wouldn't be the US Open without another epic installment of the legendary Junior Jam presented by Clif Bar. With a spot alongside the professionals in the Burton US Open Halfpipe Semi Finals up for grabs, there's no better place to see the next generation of snowboarding going head to head in the Golden Peak Halfpipe.

Some of the best riders in the world got their start at past Burton US Open Junior Jams, so who knows which up-and-comers will write their name in the history books for 2018. Following a mind blowing performance by Judd Henkes (USA) in 2016, the bar was only raised further in 2017 with Mitsuki Ono (JPN) and Joonsik Lee (KOR) dominating the expanded international field. With $2,000 worth of prizes and a ticket to the big leagues up for grabs, make sure you don’t miss these rippers going for it, so tune in to on Tuesday, March 6th 10am – 12.30pm MST, or check it out live in person at Golden Peak.


The Junior Jam is a halfpipe, invitation-only competition, with 16 boys and 8 girls aged 14 and under. Given the small field and the number of up and coming rippers world-wide, the team at Burton Snowboards can't invite every kid in the world. We work off regional results, current form and recommendations from a select team of international coaches, team managers and industry professionals. 

Boy's Junior Jam Podium 2017

After a heavy day of pow turns in the pipe, the 2017 Boy's Podium, Joonsik Lee taking the top spot (middle), Valentino Guseli landing second place (left) and Kolman LeCroy closing out third (right).



Jonas Hasler (SUI)

Valentino Guseli (AUS)

Jack Warble (USA)

Jake Canter (USA)

Kyotaro Tanaka (JPN)

Charlie Gray (USA)

Wyatt Blake (USA)

Hunter Goulet (USA)

Anthony Leyva (USA)

Fynn Bullock Womble (USA)

Hayden Tyler (USA)

Noah Avallone (USA)

Tommy Okesson (USA)

Siddhartha Ullah (GBR)

Hans Huber (USA)


Mitzuki Ono (JPN)

Kinsley White (USA)

Riley Rivera (USA)

Ellah Cowan (USA)

Tessa Maude (USA)

Sonora Alba (USA)

Julianne Tonkel (USA)

Lexi Simsovits (USA)


Boys > 16 Riders, 2 Runs > then top 6 get bonus final run. Best Run Counts

Girls > 8 Riders, 2 Runs > then top 3 get bonus final run. Best Run Counts

Joonsik Lee Junior Jam 20176 inches of powder in the pipe didn't seem to slow Joonsik Lee (KOR) down for this backside air.