1st Round:
18 riders total - 2 heats of 9 riders each
Jam Format – 25 minute session
Judging will be based on overall impression considering Creativity, Technical Difficulty, and Style/Execution.
Riders will be ranked based on their overall performance throughout the jam session. 
Top 3 riders from each heat advance to the finals round.

1 heat of 6 riders
Jam Format – 20 minute session
Riders drop in reverse ranked order for first run, followed by an open jam, taking as many runs as possible in the allotted time.
Every run is scored on a scale of 100 with the highest 2 scores counting. Riders are ranked based on their combined scores.

Prize Money

USD $27,000 total prize purse

1st place - $15,000
2nd place - $6,000
3rd place - $3,000

Best Rail Trick - $1,000
Best Wall Trick - $1,000
Best Air Trick - $1,000


Head Judge: Sandy MacDonald

Judge 1: Masayuki Sakata

Judge 2: Shingo Shiotani

Judge 3: Sandy MacDonald