Woodward Copper, UT - Contest Recap

Words By: Colby Sears

The Great American Campout: long days, starry nights, and the warm glow of a slow burning fire. Each sensation typically triggers the longing for summer days, now forgotten in the midst of a long winter. However, at the fifth stop of the Burton Qualifiers Saturday, February 6, at Woodward Copper, CO the hankering for warm days gave way to the very reason we all love winter.

Have you ever found yourself sitting by the lake, fishing pole in hand, daydreaming about boardsliding the base of your uncle’s canoe? If you answered yes, then Woodward Copper created a setup just for you. Feature one sent riders over a fire pit (pole jam style) setting them up to blast two hips adjacent to one another on both sides of the venue. On top of the left hip, a kayak serviced as a buttery flat rail back into the transition. On the right, another kayak offer the option to pole jam back into the 8’ transition.  To end the run, a jump popped riders over a dummy filled hammock home of the late and great Richard Eatar.

As soon as the clock struck noon-thirty and the 15 & Under Division took to the course, it was obvious these “kids” meant business. It’s rumored that third place finisher Justin Phipps, has been taking karate & yoga classes to harness his inner chi. With tricks like a double-judo over the fire pit feature, it seems his efforts paid off. Second place rider Cooper Whittier recently got his own Netflix account, and has since become obsessed with the popular FX show; Sons of Anarchy. Trying to stay relevant with popular MC trends, Cooper poked out an Indy Nose Bone over the left kayak hip people dubbed the “prison shank”. First place, Jack Coyne has started to develop a reputation for being quite the showstopper. Hammock dweller “Richard Eatar” can attest. Coyne busted out a front-three so lofty over Richard’s head, he was crippled with amazement. When the sands of the hour glass settled, the Open Division had a lot to live up to.

Burton Qualifiers - Woodward Copper

Photo: Peter Cirilli | Rider: Luke Winkelmann

In one of the heaviest bouts of competition the Burton Qualifiers Open Division has seen to date, top three finishers of the day included 1st Christian Connors, 2nd Luke Winkelmann, and 3rd Dylan Okurouski. Fifteen year old Dylan had more style than TLC in their third studio album FanMail, greasing through every feature, landing bolts back to back. Another fifteen year old sensation, Luke Winkelmann is one of the few riders in snowboarding throwing doubles with a skate helmet and sunglasses. That day Luke’s bionic methods earned him a top ranking, and had the crowd feeling like Will Smith in iRobot. Finally the top finisher, walking home with a $350.00 cash prize; Christian Connors. Christian recently joined a traveling circus, as a contortionist. Apparently this has transcended to his snowboarding with tricks like a Back Five Japan that had Chip Wilson Blames like, “Woah”.

Congratulations to the top six riders in each division - All earning a spot to compete in the Burton Qualifiers Finals event in Seven Spring, PA Saturday, 3/26.

15 & Under Division

1st Jack Coyne                  

2nd Cooper Whittier        

3rd Justin Phipps

4th Fynn Womble

5th Ethen Goebel              

6th Nathan Panlilio           


Open Division

1st Christian Connors      

2nd Luke Winkelmann      

3rd Dylan Okurouski         

4th Tristin Heiner              

5th Zach Soderholm         

6th Edward Enyart